The ultimate identity shift and mindset coaching experience!

Learn how to locate and unleash the part of you that bares the image and likeness of God!

Fully 80% of the critical success factors in business are hidden and invisible becasue they exist inside the entrepreneur!

The best tools, tactis and techniques will not secure the best outcomes in buisness unless they land in the hands of someone who has sharp entrepreneurial instincts, strong entrepreneurial senses and a vivid entrepreneurial imagination.

Instincts, intuition and imagination are critical success factors in buisness becasue they determine your level of creativity, energy, focus and resilliance.

Upon purchasing this course you can download the book and manual that explains what spiritual intelligence is, why it matters in the workplace and how to use it to your advantage!


Spiritual Intelligence is the Super Consciousness that expresses itself through instinct, intuition and imagination.

Consciousness and sub-consciousness are limited to experience and education. However super-consciousness is spiritual in nature and is an intrinsic part of your spiritual essence. It is the source of creativity, innovation, energy, resilliance and your internal radar system. This course explains how and whyconnecting with your core, improves your performance in the work and marketplace to produce extraordinary results that are super natural in nature.

Urge, impulse and promptings are typically at the heart of the decisions that led many to millions. Their autobiographies and success formulas often obscure this point, but when you read between the lines, these people made decisions by urge, acted on impulse and were prompted or pushed by the unseen to take an action that resulted in success!

Ignorance of the spiritual messages being given to you by your own spiritual nature is a disadvantage in business. This course gives advance insight into the language and modes of communication that transport signals and signs from the spiritual to the material world.


The role that intuition, instinct and imagination play in the marketplace has been underestimated or discounted in schools of business!

Locate and Unleash your Spiritual Intelligences Now!

This course comes complete with the Book, the Manual and 20 video tutorials on each aspect of locating and unleashing your God-given Spiritual Intelligence!

You can make it through SWEAT or you can make it through Spiritual Intelligence! You are a minute away from instant access to...

  • The Book - Spiritual Intelligence for Entrepreneurs. This book explores the hidden and invisible side of success.

  • The Manual - Spiritual Intelligence in the workplace. This manual explains thhe art of reading spiritual signals and messages.

  • Video Tutorials - Over 20 video tutorials on how to locate and unleash your Spiritual Intelligences.

  • Bonuses: Musical meditations and spiritual programing on life and business goals for progress and success!